Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I should seek legal representation on behalf of my child?

You will most likely want to seek legal representation when:

  • you are unsure about your child’s individual needs, and whether they are being met.
  • you are considering placing your child privately.
  • you become concerned that your child is reading significantly below grade level.
  • you are aware that your child has a behavior problem in the classroom and it is interfering with his/her education.
  • your child is graduating and you do not think he/she is ready. (This call should be made before the graduation, not after!)

How can I obtain representation from Williams Legal Services?

  • Call our office during normal business hours on weekdays at (303) 952-0583 to arrange a free initial consultation with Travis Murrell, our Special Education Consultant. Your free consultation may be handled via telephone for your convenience and generally takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • If after the free consultation we decide to offer you representation, we will provide you with a fee agreement to review. You will be afforded the opportunity to review this agreement and may propose changes and ask questions regarding the agreement. If after review you decide to accept our offer of representation, you will sign and return the fee agreement.
  • We will deliver an executed copy of the fee agreement to you. Once you have a fully executed fee agreement, you will be represented by our office.

How long does it take to speak with or retain an attorney?

We return all calls and schedule consultations promptly. Mr. Murrell frequently speaks with potential clients within the same day of their initial call to the office, particularly when time-sensitive issues are imminent and must be handled within statutory constraints, such as due process hearings, suspensions or expulsions. The process can move very quickly when necessary, but rarely requires more than a few days.

What are William Legal Services’ rates for legal representation?

Our rates vary, but are very reasonable.  In fact, in some situations, you may only pay a partial retainer to engage our legal services.

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