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Williams Legal Services is a law practice exclusively focused on special education law for Colorado residents.

We understand that navigating the educational system to get help for your special needs child can be both frustrating and overwhelming. This is why we are dedicated to assisting parents and guardians with receiving all the services their children are entitled to receive to progress in school, at home, and in their community.  We will avail you of our extensive knowledge of the state and federal laws that ensure certain protections and guarantees to your child for a free and appropriate education.

We listen to your concerns and are committed to providing thoughtful, supportive and high-level legal representation in every aspect of your case. We provide our clients with individual, personalized attention at all stages of dispute resolution, including IEP representation, mediation, and due process hearings, and all at an affordable price.

For a free initial consultation, please contact us at: 303-952-0583.  Depending on your child’s issue, you may be eligible for a nominal or partial attorney retainer fee agreement.

DISCLAIMER: This web site has been prepared by Williams Legal Services, LLC for informational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended as legal advice nor should you rely upon any information in these web pages as a source of legal advice.

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